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The Mission - Sum & Substance [2008 DVD]

The Mission - Sum & Substance [2008 DVD]
Model: DVD
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DVD: 68 minutes | Region Free
LABEL: Cherry Red

Track List
01. Intro: Tadeusz
02. Serpents Kiss
03. Stay With Me
04. Wasteland
05. Severina
06. Tower Of Strength
07. Beyond The Pale
08. Kingdom Come
09. Butterfly On A Wheel
10. Deliverance
11. Into The Blue
12. Never Again
13. Like A Child Again
14. Tower Of Strength (1994)
15. Beyond The Pale (Armageddon Mix)
16. Outro: Forever More

Formed in 1986 from the freshly dissolved Sisters Of Mercy, the Mission was one of the seminal gothic rock bands of their decade. Up till 1991, The Mission (known as The Mission UK in the US) continued producing solid gothic rock albums, influencing a generation. Led by Wayne Hussey they developed a following of millions of fans worldwide, touring every continent and changing style and temperament with every one of 10 studio albums they released. In 1992, their album 'Masque' introduced a drastic change in style, moving towards more pop-oriented tunes and stripping down the gloomy elements of their previous work. Craig Adams called it quits in 1993, and was replaced by former All About Eve bassist Andy Cousin. Two more pop-rock albums were released in 1995 ('Neverland') and 1996 ('Blue'), both of which contributed to the alienation of their early gothic fan base. In 1997, The Mission UK were no more. In 1999, and following other major gothic band reunions, like Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim and Garden of Delight, Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams reformed the band for a major world tour. The Sum And Substance DVD is an extensive video compilation covering their best years and originally released on VHS in 1994 .


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