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Mark Long - North Peckham Skyline

Mark Long - North Peckham Skyline

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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LABEL: Right Back

01. North Peckham Skyline
02. My Girlfriend
03. Going Down
04. Blast!
05. Its Just Over
06. Last Summer
07. Sideways On Always
08. North Peckham Skyline Revisited
09. Song for Both of You

Home recordings by Mark Long - singer/guitarist of one of the most criminally overlooked bands on the planet, The Opposition. These are low-tech, immediate recordings that allow the creative process to take the lead. It's an outlet for his singer/songwriter compositions in their most intimate form. The career of this English singer/songwriter began in the '70s new wave explosion, where his group the Opposition had a series of independent hits in Europe. North Peckham Skyline finds Mark Long mixing electronics and acoustic guitars with surprising enthusiasm, but he has the good sense not to drown himself in them; while "Last Summer " features a prominent drum loop and echoey bass line, the undertow is offset by the sincerity of Long's voice and acoustic guitar. The piano lines on "It's just Over " find their complement in a glorious acoustic guitar and some soulful background vocals.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Adrian Borland, The Opposition, Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes


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