I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
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I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
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The Smiths - This Charming Man

The Smiths - This Charming Man

Model: CD
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CD: WE835
LABEL: Warner

01. Reel Around the Fountain
02. You've Got Everything Now
03. Miserable Lie
04. Pretty Girls Make Graves
05. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
06. This Charming Man
07. Still Ill
08. Hand In Glove
09. What Difference Does It Make?
10. I Don't Owe You Anything
11. Suffer Little Children

By 1983 The Smiths had gained a firm cult following and got some radio airplay on the John Peel show and in November 1983 they released the one off single, "Hand In Glove". The single didn't chart but became something of an underground classic paving the way for their second single, "This Charming Man" which reached number 25 in the charts and lead to the release of their eponymous debut album. And although they were able to maintain much of their initial passion, they were able to translate it in a more accomplished style in later offerings. It is though still possible to see Morriseys genius and Marrs guitar work in some of the stand out tracks like "Hand In Glove" and "What Difference Does It Make". Morrisey displays great emotion as he sings each of the songs and you could see him beginning to develop his own style, as they debuted "This Charming Man" on Top Of The Pops. The heartbreaking emotion of Morrisey is displayed in its rawest version on this album and although not so well developed it provided a sturdy platform for the band to build on.


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