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Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Randy Lemasters (USA)
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The Triffids - In The Pines [2007 reissue]

The Triffids - In The Pines [2007 reissue]

Model: CD
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LABEL: Domino

01. Suntrapper
02. In The Pines
03. Kathy Knows
04. 25 To 5
05. Only One Life *
06. Do You Want Me Near You?
07. Trick Of The Light *
08. Once A Day
09. She's Sure The Girl I Love *
10. Jerdacuttup Man *
11. Just Might Fade Away
12. Better Off This Way
13. Keep Your Eyes On The Hole
14. Blinder By The Hour *
15. Wish To See No More *
11. One Soul Less On Your Fiery List
12. Born Sandy Devotional
13. Love And Affection

* bonus tracks

Remixed and remastered from the original analogue 8 track tapes. Includes 6 bonus tracks recorded during the Woolshed sessions. Music reduced to its essence, In The Pines was recorded on an 8 track tape machine in a shearing shed 600kms south-east of Perth, Western Australia, April 1986. It seems to be a bit more cheerful than the usual Triffids albums, even though opener "Suntrapper" has dark lyrics with references to older Triffids songs. "In the Pines" is the old traditional that later got a lot of airplay in the version by Nirvana (called Where Did You Sleep Last Night), a sober version with a mandolin and steel guitar. "Kathy Knows" thrives on a dirty guitar, a driven rhythm track and spooky backing vocals. 25 to 5 is a very short, acoustic, melodic song, followed by one of the most touching songs for me on the album, "Do You Want Me Near You". A gorgeous guitar and organ intro, a soft rhythm, Alsy MacDonald's drawling and endearing voice singing open-hearted lyrics, a most beautiful backing choir, and last but not least a perfectly built-up guitar-solo. "Only One Life" is elementary and acoustic and over before you know it, followed by the driven and slightly mad "Keep Your Eyes on the Hole". Next are two reference points: "One Soul Less on Your Fiery List" also turns up as "Hometown Farewell Kiss" on the next album Calentur. Born Sandy Devotional (Edit) is the title track of the previous album, that actually didn't appear on that album. In a deceptively simple fashion, In the Pines documents the breadth and depth of the Triffids' music and stands as one of the group's finest achievements.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Nick Cave, Crime & The City Solution, Go-Betweens, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Smiths


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