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Tin Star - The Thrill Kisser

Tin Star - The Thrill Kisser

Model: CD
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CD: 27039-2

01. Head
02. Disconnected Child
03. Picture of a Girl
04. Viva
05. Raincheck
06. Going Slow
07. Don't Say
08. Wonderful World
09. Fast Machine
10. Destruction

Former All About Eve guitarist Tim Bricheno and his new band have sculpted a debut album which oozes late nineties chic. 'Disconnected Child' is a bed of drum'n'bass filled with trips and hops, while 'Raincheck' is smothered in some soothingly laid-back vocals. But Tin Star's finest hour is the sleepy 'Don't Stay', in the course of which singer David Tomlinson sounds so tearfully relaxed that the existence of the rest of the album seems like something of a miracle. Tin Star puts the emphasis on the electronics which makes the sound resemble early Nine Inch Nails. Add a grunge-singer that sounds like Bono in the ballads and you get the U2-sound (post-Achtung Baby). The end result is a cacophony of subjective moods and emotions filtered through seductive beats and hypnotic guitars.


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