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Vega 4 - You And Others

Vega 4 - You And Others

Model: CD
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CD: 88697003122

01. You And Me
02. Traffic Jam
03. Tearing Me Apart
04. Life Is Beautiful
05. You
06. Let Go
07. Bullets
08. Paper Cuts
09. If This Is It
10. A Billion Tons Of Light
11. Boomerang

This is really very simple. If you like Snow Patrol, you'll like Vega 4. Actually, you'll like them an awful lot. Take 'Tearing Me Apart', which is the Snow Patrol equivalent of orange juice from concentrate. Accented lyrics, simple beats, intermittent falsetto and soaring crescendo - it's all there. And it all works. There's no sense that Vega 4 are claiming any philosophical insights here - they just bash down a cliche whenever the music requires it, as it does frequently. Vega4 prides itself on its a diverse mix of band members. Both Johnny McDaid (Vocals and Guitar) and Gavin Fox (Bass) are Irish while Drummer Bryan McLellan is originally from Canada and Guitarist Bruce Gainsford hails from New Zealand. Vega4's sound is almost as eclectic as their band makeup. After being introduced through mutual friends, each member brought their own very distinct style of music to the table. Similarities can easily be drawn between groups such as The Postal Service and Snow Patrol. However, the only similarities that these bands share is their ability to produce very emotional music which contains an almost harrowing sound along with excellent vocals.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Longview, Kent, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Aveo


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