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Wolfsheim - 55578 (1987-1995)

Wolfsheim - 55578 (1987-1995)

Model: CD
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CD: 1177-2
LABEL: Strange Ways

01. Elias
02. Lovesong (Club Mix)
03. Now I Fall
04. Where Greed Talks
05. Youth & Greed
06. Anybody's Window (909 Remix)
07. It's Not Too Late (Don't Sorrow) (Long Version)
08. The Sparrows & The Nightingales (Long Version)
09. Real
10. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
11. A Look Into Your Heart (Different Version)
12. Annie (Early Version)
13. Circles

This is a compilation of some extended versions and b-sides of their single releases in the past (1987-1995). Great stuff and a good reason to buy it even if you own all the releases. The two primary reasons to own this are the near-perfect mixes of "Lovesong" and "The Sparrows & Nightingales". Wolfsheim is for sure one of the best german synthpop bands, their songs are real compositions and their singer has a great voice. This music recalls the best of eighties electronic new wave, but does so without sounding dated or derivative. If you like Human Drama, Clan Of Xymox or Escape With Romeo this is definitely for you.


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