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Wovenhand - Consider The Birds

Wovenhand - Consider The Birds

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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CD: SF014
LABEL: Sounds Family

01. Sparrow Falls
02. Bleary Eyed Duty
03. To Make A Ring
04. Off The Cuff
05. Chest Of Drawers
06. Oil on Panel
07. The Speaking Hands
08. Down In Yon Forest (traditional)
09. Tin Finger 3:54
10. Into The Piano

Consider the Birds is Eugene Edwards's third effort under the Woven Hand moniker, and it's also his best. He doesn't stray much from his signature sound: lush, mournful, minor key dirges within which Edwards ruminates on his recurring themes of faith, the fallibility of man, and the folly of the non-believer. The musical arrangements, generally featuring acoustic guitar, organ, chimes and muted drums, hint at a modern influence, particularly the work of Nick Cave or late-era Johnny Cash, but there is a sense of timelessness that runs through these songs. No matter what he's singing, Edwards radiates an intensity and conviction that is sorely lacking from most modern music. This is music that resonates with both the body and the mind; it is emotional, honest and haunting. Highlights include the gorgeous, plaintive opener â??Sparrow Falls,â? the slow-motion head nodder â??Oil and Panel,â? and, in particular, the trance-inducing â??To Make a Ring.â? This song is the album's highlight, a repetitive, tribal expression of faith that comes to an ominous standstill midway through, when Edwards menacingly declares â??The Lord will not be mocked, not by you or me,â? as if he's daring the listener to even think of blasphemy while under his captivating aural spell. Whether you agree with his message or not is another matter entirely. When the music is this good, who cares?

Influences / Similar Artists:
16 Horsepower, The Gun Club, Nick Cave, And Also The Trees


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