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Wovenhand - Ten Stones

Wovenhand - Ten Stones

Model: CD
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CD: 55202
LABEL: Familyre

01. The Beautiful Axe
02. Horsetail
03. Not One Stone
04. Cohawkin Road
05. Iron Feather
06. White Knuckle Grip
07. Quiet Night of Quiet Stars
08. Kicking Bird
09. Kingdom of Ice
10. His Loyal Love

A masterpiece of gothic Americana and apocalyptic rock, gorgeously arranged and delivered with a moving intensity, whether or not you share songwriter David Eugene Edwards' religious beliefs. Wovenhand is the current project of singer and songwriter David Eugene Edwards, who first rose to fame as the founder of 16 Horsepower, a goth-tinged Americana-themed group that toured - and at one point shared management with - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. When Nick Cave adopts the voice of an itinerant preacher, it's one of a host of characters like the born-bad outlaw or the condemned criminal that provides a lens through which he portrays aspects of the American experience. But when Edwards quotes the Gospel of Mark in "Not One Stone," there's a triumphalism, a personal intensity seemingly bereft of artifice that's hard not to get swept up in even as Edwards proclaims the coming destruction of civilization. Adding to the overall energy of Ten Stones are the perfectly matched arrangements; while the expected bluesy shouts and rock stomp meets revival meeting sound show up on "Kicking Bird" and "White Knuckle Grip" and screaming fiddles add to the urgency of "Kingdom of Ice," there are also moments of brooding piano and flute to accentuate the exotic imagery of "Iron Feather," experimental ambient guitar on "His Loyal Love," and even a tender rendition of Antonio Carlos Jobim's bossa nova classic "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars." Each arrangement is masterfully paired with its lyrical themes, and though Edwards' songs are often inseparable from his own Christian religious beliefs, they're undeniably affecting whether or not you share them - perhaps even more affecting, since without the salvation Edwards seems to take for granted, his visions of imminent apocalypse take on a far more fearful aspect.

Influences / Similar Artists:
16 Horsepower, The Gun Club, Nick Cave, And Also The Trees , Raskolnikov


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