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Very fast delivery! Verry serious seller, hope to deal with again! 
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Youth Group - Casino Twilight Dogs

Youth Group - Casino Twilight Dogs

Model: CD
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CD: 6818-2

01. On a String
02. Sorry
03. Catching & Killing
04. Dead Zoo
05. Under the Underpass
06. Sicily
07. Daisychains
08. Forever Young
09. Start Today Tomorrow
10. The Destruction of Laurel Canyon
11. TJ
12. Christmas Windows

Australian indie-rockers Youth Group have a warm shimmery halo wrung about their heads and engraved in their music. Its almost indescribable â?? and quite magical really â?? how easily they snap up your ears and have you totally captivated by their brand of summeresque dream-indie found in Casino Twilight Dogs. The quick doses of orchestral blends add a professional resonance to their musicâ??and even in such allegedly sarcastic songs as "Sorry," Youth Group compels a warmhearted emotional undercurrent. Yet they always linger on the edge of indifference. On "Sorry" the guitars are positively iridescent, on "Dead Zoo" they glow, and on the surging "Under the Underpass" they shine and pulse, just a bit blurred to bring out the song's epic quality. They reverberate on "Daisy Chains," as Connolly and the band slowly swell the sound, until it finally bursts forth in full majesty. Of course, the glorious music is only half the band's appeal, of equal import are their emotive lyrics and Toby Martin's sweet, strong deliveries. Youth Group win a strong victory, should gain a mass of fans, and rocket into 2007 with probably one of the best albums of the year.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Obi, The Smiths, The Field Mice, Echo & the Bunnymen


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