Great seller, Good communication, CD well packaged and in superb condition. Recommended. 
Mick Wood (UK)
Great seller, Good communication, CD well packaged and in superb condition. Recommended. 
Mick Wood (UK)
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And Also The Trees - When The Rains Come [acoustic]

And Also The Trees - When The Rains Come [acoustic]

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01. Virus Meadow
02. Dialogue
03. Fighting In A Lighthouse
04. Mary Of The Woods
05. Jacob Fleet
06. Candace
07. Mermen Of The Lea
08. The Dust Sailor
09. The Street Organ
10. Vicent Craine
11. Stay Away From The Accordion Girl
12. There Was A Man Of Double Deed
13. A Room Lives In Lucy
14. When The Rains Come

2009 release, an album containing acoustic/classical versions of And Also the Trees songs. And Also The Trees started in the dawn of the 1980s in Inkberrow, a small village in Worcestershire, far in the countryside. The band was inspired by the ideology of the burgeoning post-punk movement, but took its rural roots to heart. They are most notable for their poetic lyrics and evocative music which is strongly influenced by their native English countryside. In June 2009 And Also The Trees released their acoustic-album When The Rains Come, it contains acoustic versions of released songs and one new song. Recorded in a single four day session in a barn in rural Herefordshire, the 14 songs are carefully arranged for vocal, acoustic guitar and double bass with the occasional accompaniment of dulcimer, accordion and melodica. The Trees take us on a dreamlike journey through dark landscapes populated by stray nursery rhyme characters, mysterious women who peer into the psyche and pools of light that appear like reflections of their pastoral upbringing. In the early 80's this seminal band, described by John Peel as "too English for the English" and still often cited by Robert Smith of The Cure as his favorite band, have been constantly active - releasing 10 studio albums, numerous live and compilation albums and forging a reputation as a fiercely independent group of musicians for whom artistic integrity has always held court over commercial gain. To those familiar with AATT's unique musical universe these captivating recordings will provide an exciting redefinition of their rich melodies and unique musical landscapes and atmospheres. To the uninitiated or those who thought they knew who this band were it will be a surprise. Their fierce sense of independence and non conformist attitude have always made them hard to accurately categorize. 'When The Rains Come' is a fantastic opportunity to discover, or rediscover, this fantastic band.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Cure, Justin Sullivan, Woven Hand, Spasmodique, Raskolnikov, Q-Club


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