Excellent, I ordered the Fiction Factory "Throw The Warped..." CD. Great and quick service. Thanks!!!
Igor Maasik (ESTONIA)
Excellent, I ordered the Fiction Factory "Throw The Warped..." CD. Great and quick service. Thanks!!!
Igor Maasik (ESTONIA)
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Au Pairs - Stepping Outy Of Line [Anthology 2-CD]

Au Pairs - Stepping Outy Of Line [Anthology 2-CD]

Model: 2-CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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2-CD: CMQDD1338
LABEL: Castle

Disc: 1
01. We're So Cool
02. Love Song
03. Set Up
04. Repetition
05. Headache for Michelle
06. Come Again
07. Armagh
08. Unfinished Business
09. Dear John
10. It's Obvious
11. Pretty Boys [*]
12. Monogamy [*]
13. Ideal Woman [*]
14. You [*]
15. Domestic Departure [*]
16. Kerb Crawler [*]
17. Diet [Single][*]
18. It's Obvious [Single][*]
19. Inconvenience [12" Version][*]
20. Pretty Boys [12" Version][*]

Disc: 2
01. Stepping Out of Line
02. Sex Without Stress
03. Instant Touch
04. That's When It's Worth It
05. Shakedown
06. Tongue in Cheek
07. Intact
08. Don't Lie Back
09. America
10. Fiasco
11. No More Secret Lives [*][Demo Version]
12. Runs with Honey [*][Demo Version]
13. Hokka He Ha [*][Demo Version]
14. Taking Care of Him [*][Demo Version]
15. What Kind of Girl [#][*]
16. Piece of My Heart [Live][*]
17. Headache for Michelle [12" Version][*]

History has recognised the innovative brilliance of the Gang of Four, but overlooked the Au Pairs' similarly significant feminist, social-commenting agit-funk. Formed in Birmingham in 1979, the Au Pairs - Paul Foad, Pete Hammond, Jane Munro and Lesley Woods - began making records two years later. Rapidly establishing themselves as indie chart favourites, their debut album, 'Playing With A Different Sex', also managed to hit No. 33 on the national chart. They later toured extensively, gaining a strong live reputation. Their next album, 'Sense And Sensuality', is one of the great postpunk albums, crackling with an electric power rarely heard since. Eschew the politics if you like, but you cannot ignore the music. If you like Gang of Four's "Entertainment" here's its soulmate. The words were still confrontational, but more obscure in their intent. The record didn't get as much attention as their first LP, but it's just as much a touchstone of post-punk. This 2-CD anthology collects their two albums alongside sessions: their music hasn't dated a jot. Like an imaginary collision of the Gang of Four, Slits and disco, topped by Lesley Wood's strident vocals, they created to a heady, insightful femme punk funk that is ripe for rediscovery.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Gang Of Four, Slits, Radio 4, Moving Units


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