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Breathless - Between Happiness And Heartache [2006 reissue]

Breathless - Between Happiness And Heartache [2006 reissue]

Model: CD
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01. I Never Know Where You Are
02. Over And Over
03. Wave After Wave
04. You Can Call It Yours
05. All That Matters Now
06. Clearer Than Daylight
07. Flowers Die
08. Help Me Get Over It
09. Everything I See *
10. Over And Over [video] *

* bonus tracks

This 2006 digitally remastered reissue by British alt-pop/rock outfit Breathless was originally released in 1991 and has now been expanded with an extra track and a videoclip of Over & Over. "Between Happiness And Heartache" from the acclaimed but rarely noticed Breathless seemed to have left a post-Joy Division musical constituency bereft of champions. Fragile melodies set within dark, claustrophobic arrangements move from the majestic to the explosive at the flick of a beat, while Dominic Appleton's desolate, rare vocal (also heard guesting on this Mortal Coil's Blood album) tugs and chews at the chords of desperate melancholy without shame. "Make no mistake I'm so far gone I'd break my back to make you happy," he sings on "You Can Call It Yours". The song "Wave After Wave" is a thing of dark intense beauty, while The Only Ones' "Flowers Die" (featuring John Perry on guitar) has never sounded so bleak. Dominic Appleton is one of the great fragile non-singers and all the more soulful for it. His lyrics are like overhearing a conversation or rifling through someones diaries. "Between Happiness & Heartache" is an excellent album for believers in the beauty of loneliness everywhere.

Influences / Similar Artists:
This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Lowlife, Joy Division


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