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Catherine Wheel - Chrome

Catherine Wheel - Chrome

Model: CD
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CD: 314 518 039-2
LABEL: Fontana

01. Kill Rhythm
02. I Confess
03. Crank
04. Broken Head
05. Pain
06. Strange Fruit
07. Chrome
08. The Nude
09. Ursa Major Space Station
10. Fripp
11. Half Life
12. Show Me Mary

Long before groups like Oasis and Blur provoked cross-Atlantic media hype, Catherine Wheel were evolving the Brit-Pop style that typifies the genre's distinction. With the release of Chrome in 1993, they advanced their whispered-wall-of-sound approach to rock amalgamation. The fuzzy solos and vibrato accord further complement the songs aided by crystalline guitar melodies and the brilliant keyboard & harmonica sounds of TalkTalk's Tim Friese-Greene. Jaded with growing pains, singer Rob Dickenson croons with perfect tenor appeal on tracks like "Kill Rhythm" and "Crank," highlighting the personal temperaments which shape the album. The edges are a touch sharper, the sound bursts from the speakers, and Futter in particular earns his deserved guitar god reputation, peeling off powerful rhythms and brilliant, non-wanky solos in profusion. Sit back, listen & experience this album & you might feel emotions you didn't even know you had.


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