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Cocteau Twins - Head Over Heels [2003 reissue]

Cocteau Twins - Head Over Heels [2003 reissue]

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01. When Mama Was Moth
02. Five Ten Fiftyfold
03. Sugar Hiccup
04. In Our Angelhood
05. Glass Candle Grenades
06. In The Gold Dust Rush
07. The Tinderbox (Of A Heart)
08. Multifoiled
09. My Love Paramour
10. Musette And Drums

2003 remastered reissue of the Cocteau Twins second album "Head Over Heels". Head Over Heels is probably the most intense thing the Cocteau Twins have yet released: each song has a sense of real heat and conflict due to its sheer overcrowdedness. Yet, again the Cocteau Twins' melodic instinct saves them from unlistenability, giving this experiment a special sort of charm while conveying a much better sense of their overall talent. Critics started to pick up here too, and pointed to the Cocteau's as one of Britain's most promising musical up and comers. The first side has more conventional numbers like "In Our Angelhood", a straightforward new wave/punk-style tune that speeds along quite catchily over Banshees-like harmonies. "Sugar Hiccup" is the only preview of things to come and sounds positively joyous in washes of Robin's chiming guitar while Liz belts more convincingly than ever before. Historically, Head Over Heels is significant as it comes from the turning point at which post-punk vanished and metamorphosed into several genres. Hints of shoegazing, dream pop, noise rock, etc. can all be heard here in underdeveloped form though none come to full fruition. This particular version of said change is unique but unexceptional by comparison to the Twins later albums, but it's very good nonetheless. It's also the first full album to reveal that the Cocteau Twins could produce an original identity and esthetic in album form. Even if nearly every style here was ultimately scrapped, it was a growing experience the band needed and one that would prepare them for equally drastic future departures.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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