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Very fast delivery! Verry serious seller, hope to deal with again! 
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Confuse The Cat - Kiss, Kiss, Kissinger

Confuse The Cat - Kiss, Kiss, Kissinger

Model: CD
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CD: ZCD005

01. L-Café
02. Subdued Elegance
03. Ice Age
04. Before You Know...
05. Kiss, Kiss, Kissinger
06. The Dreamer Disease
07. Backwards
08. The Very Last Minute
09. Flashpoints

After the split of Reiziger, guitarist-vocalist Geert Plessers took some time off to profoundly work out his own songs and started rehearsing with his new musical partners Katrijn, Christophe & Dirk. After 6 months the first musical output has been recorded at the 195 Studio in the Holland and Confuse The Cat are set to challenge the worldwith their debut album Kiss, Kiss, Kissinger. Some typical Reiziger elements remain such as the tense combination of slowly building up a song and restrain just before the burst, the unexpected nonetheless song-serving breaks, the parlando's, the repetitive and coercive rhythm guitar, on the other hand Confuse The Cat easily manages to present a new direction in music. It would be wrong to use the label emorock on the band. Only a few trails of it remain. Much more obvious are the influences of acoustic pop, slowcore, (neo-)psychedelica, jazz and even a bit of latin groove on the band's sound. Also the cat slows her pace to a summery, belly-filled rhythm and fully concentrates on an environmental solar spectrum. The subtle use of reverb, electronica, piano, sax & cello only add up to the overwhelming and glowing effect of the songs themselves. "Kiss Kiss Kissinger" offers 9 tracks that easily stand independently but that together give the records it's idiosyncrasy...

Influences / Similar Artists:
Obi, Slowdive, Deus, Chameleons, Radiohead


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