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Gene Loves Jezebel - Anthology [Best Of 2-CD]

Gene Loves Jezebel - Anthology [Best Of 2-CD]

Model: 2-CD
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LABEL: Pink Gun

Disc 1:
01. Upstairs
02. Pop Tarantula
03. Coal Porter
04. Worth Waiting For
05. Stephen
06. Desire
07. Sweetest Jezebel (single version)
08. Over The Rooftops
09. 20 Killer Hurts
10. Suspicion (alternate single version)
11. Gorgeous
12. Motion Of Love
13. Why Can't I?
14. Kiss Of Life
15. I'd Die For You
16. Jealous
17. Josephina
18. Sweet Sweet Rain
19. Jealous (demo)

Disc 2:
01. Break The Chain
02. Any Anxious Colour
03. Who Wants To Go To Heaven (acoustic)
04. Holes (acoustic)
05. So Sad (acoustic)
06. Love Keeps Dragging Me Down
07. Liquor Man (single edit)
08. Welcome To LA
09. The Damned
10. I Hate You
11. The Goodbye Girl
12. Desire (Come and Get It)
13. Motion (demo)
14. Julia (demo)
15. Any Anxious Colour (fireside demo)
16. Always A Flame (live)
17. Heartache (live)
18. Break The Chain (acoustic)

This 2 CD set comprises all the bands' hits and best known tracks and is their first comprehensive anthology to be released. This remastered pressing includes some rare demo versions and never previously released 'Julia' plus tracks from singer Jay's solo albums Unpopular Songs and Jezebel. Fronted by androgynous twins Jay and Michael Aston and featuring an evolving cast of musicians (including All About Eve's Julianne Regan), the early recordings had an experimental edge that has kept the music fresh today. The Jezebels didn't follow the shiny, neutered pop yearnings of their contemporaries but were always attuned to the darker side of romance and sex. Like most early 80's bands, they had been weened on ‘Glam rock', but it was the underground that was receptive to their punk-funk undertones and vision. They're a reminder of a time when musical explorations were encouraged, indie was actually alternative, maverick wasn't marketed and Gene Loves Jezebel just might have been contenders.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Church, The Mission, The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy



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