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Grant-Lee Phillips - Little Moon

Grant-Lee Phillips - Little Moon

Model: CD
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CD: YEP2203
LABEL: Magnetic Field

01. Good Morning Happiness
02. Strangest Thing
03. Little Moon
04. It Ain't the Same Old Cold War Harry
05. Seal It with a Kiss
06. Nightbirds
07. Violet
08. Buried Treasure
09. Blind Tom
10. One Morning
11. Older Now
12. Sun Shines on Jupiter

Even if it brings necessary experience and helpful recognition, having a lengthy career also ignites some associations that can be highly detrimental to an artist?s frame of mind. Few would prefer anonymity to prominence, but even without the paparazzi there are some consequences to musical fame that prompt some to remain low-key. Though once one accomplishes an objective triumph, it is realized that it is more difficult to run from fame than accomplish it. Grant-Lee Phillips has always been an artist on the verge of both territories. His impressive array of work has stretched over 20 years, with a new project encompassing the three decades of his career. With each one, he has found success that is both unique and durable, at least in a relative sense. The borderline between songwriting genius and instantaneous fame is too small to tread, but Phillips has somehow sat here comfortably throughout his entire career. If you were one of the few that heard Shiva Burlesque?s 1987 self-titled debut upon its initial release, there is a good chance that you have followed Phillips? career up to now. That is hard to say for a lot of artists too, as deteriorating with age has occurred so abundantly that we are led to assume it is normative among artists of all kinds. Grant-Lee Phillips has one of those voices that is instantly recognizable and regardless of a songs pace he always comes through with a smooth and controlled delivery that allows his recordings to just float. It is this ability that made Grant Lee Buffalo such a great band and it is what makes Phillips fifth solo record Little Moon a hit. It is refreshing to hear Grant-Lee Phillips in this state of mind and that he is at a songwriting peak, which easily makes Little Moon worth every minute you give it, while his voice will keep you coming back.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Grant Lee Buffalo, Shiva Burlesque, Adrian Borland, Madrugada


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