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Haven - Between The Senses

Haven - Between The Senses

Model: CD
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LABEL: Radiance

01. Beautiful Thing
02. Where Is The Love
03. Say Something
04. Out Of Reach
05. Still Tonight
06. Need Someone
07. Til The End
08. Lately
09. Let It Live
10. Is This Bliss
11. Keep On Giving In
12. Holding On

The world would seem to be Haven's oyster right now. Ever since Travis went interstellar in 1999, it seems that every year throws up another set of understated melodic bands, complete with soaring guitars and heart-rendering lyrics about unrequited love. It was Coldplay in 2000, Elbow and Turin Brakes appeared last year, and now, just one month into the new year, along come Haven. Haven are from Cornwall, but to all intents and purposes, they may as well be honorary Mancunians. Managed by Joe Moss, who used to manage The Smiths and Marion, and produced by Johnny Marr, they certainly have some pedigree talent working with them. And there's a welcome darker edge to this album that suggests that Haven may well be more than the 'earnest young men with guitars' label suggests. If you're looking for a rest from the seemingly constant diet of Pop Idols, wannabe gangster garage and nu-metal, this could well be your perfect Haven.


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