Great seller, Good communication, CD well packaged and in superb condition. Recommended. 
Mick Wood (UK)
Great seller, Good communication, CD well packaged and in superb condition. Recommended. 
Mick Wood (UK)
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Human Drama - 14.384 Days Later - Live

Human Drama - 14.384 Days Later - Live

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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CD: 51212-2
LABEL: Triple X

01. Death of an Angel
02. Wave of Darkness
03. Who by Fire
04. A Million Years
05. Through My Eyes
06. Dying in a Moment of Splendor
07. I Bleed for You
08. This Forgotten Love (Three Years Gone)
09. (I Keep A) Close Watch
10. Voices
11. Tired
12. This Tangled Web
13. I Could Be a Killer
14. There Is Only You
15. Heroin

Human Drama has always amazed their fanbase with how clear and together they can sound live and that really comes thru on this album! They use a variety of instuments and Johnny Indovina has a strong, yet pleading voice that carries such powerful passion that in a live show you are drawn into the moment, no matter how you might try to just observe from the sidelines. This album has many of their older songs and a few remakes, but it has the power of being Live and actually sounding very good! This by far is one of the best CD's of Human Drama's and we would recommend it to any first time Human Drama listener as well as to all Human Drama's veteran fans. Tight, theatrical songwriting and passionate delivery is the forte, no matter what the vehicle used to get there. Sometimes it's a heavily distorted guitar line twisting in the background, sometimes it's static flute drawing the listener's attention, and sometimes it's the contrast of both elements. "I Bleed For You" and "Through My Eyes" offer a great comparison, showing the versatility of the band and the songwriting. "Through My Eyes" relies on one principal guitar riff to drive it - everything else in the instrumentation supports it in the background. "I Bleed For You," however, passes the theme of the song around to different players, each of whom puts their own stamp on it. The focal point of the music is, however, always Johnny Indovina's voice and the lyrics. Surprisingly enough, the whole thing ends with a cover of Lou Reed's "Heroin," and again Indovina's voice sounds perfect.


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