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Japan - Quiet Life [2004 deluxe reissue]

Japan - Quiet Life [2004 deluxe reissue]

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CD: 566952

01. Quiet Life
02. Fall In Love With Me
03. Despair
04. In Vogue
05. Halloween
06. All Tomorrows Parties
07. Alien
08. The Other Side Of Life
09. All Tomorrows Parties (12" Version) *
10. A Foreign Place (B-Side) *
11. Quiet Life (12" Version) *
12. Life In Tokyo (12" Version) *

13. Sometimes I Feel So Low (Video)

2004 deluxe DIGIPACK - Originally released in 1979 this is a digitally remastered and repackaged re-issue with 4 bonus videos, extensive sleevenotes, rare artwork and photos. The first two Japan albums, Adolescent Sex and Obscure Alternatives are both fine, not half as bad as the critics say, but whilst those two albums were made at the wrong time, Quiet Life marked a perfectly timed transition for Japan, from disco art rock, to sophisticated Euro pop with soaring synths, haunting atmospherics and spellbinding rhythms. The title track is a classic New Romantic tune, it sways beautifully and still sounds funky with its twanging guitars and tight drumming. "Halloween" is as creepy and dramatic as its title suggests with smoky horns and a catchy chorus. "All Tommorows Parties", is a superb cover version of the Velvet Underground track from the late 60's, beautifully updated by Japan. They really transform the song whilst not sacrificing its bitter sweet edge. Like a lot of music being produced around 1979, Quiet Life is very dark, Gothic in fact. "Despair" is both beautiful and tragic, a typical David Sylvian number, with the lyrics recited in French for an even weirder, mournful effect. "The Other Side Of Life" really is the icing on the cake here. Musically it is spectacular, quite oriental sounding and the emotive lyrics coupled with David Sylvian's melancholy vocals will freeze you in your tracks. "Alien", another great track, and "In Vogue" are both very haunting pieces of music with lyrics that conjure a series of abstract, disturbing images of isolated people and dream like places.

Influences / Similar Artists:
David Sylvian, David Bowie, Roxy Music


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