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Kent - Isola

Kent - Isola

Model: CD
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CD: 74321 56071 2

01. Lifesavers
02. If You Were Here
03. Things She Said
04. Unprofessional
05. OWC
06. Celsius
07. Bianca
08. Before It All Ends
09. Elvis
10. Velvet
11. Glider
12. 747

To even try and draw a comparison of Kent to Radiohead or any other of the "it" bands of the moment does a great disservice to this Swedish quintet. Isola, which is striking in its melodies and powerful in its lyrical content, translates well into English. The songs range from powerful, plaintive ax-mastery, such as "If You Were Here", to the expressive, if not expansive, redolence of "747," with its chorus "So Shoot Me Down Again/It won't hurt when the killing's done by a friend...". This album is lined with rock anthems that seem to meander with direction only to take off and soar. They take a no-nonsense approach to rock in the good old fashioned sense.This is an album that deserves a space of honor and regard in anyone's collection.


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