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King Me - Almost Summer

King Me - Almost Summer

Model: CD
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LABEL: My First Sonny

01. Nighthawk
02. Hey Boy
03. The Drive
04. Almost Summer
05. Swimming
06. Sundaze
07. Goodbye
08. Can I Trust You?
09. Everyone Must Die
10. My Angel

King Me is named after a Palace Brothers song, but before pinning them as just another lo-fi, sad-core, art-country act, step in and say that they don't sound especially like the Palace Brothers, or any other Will Oldham project. They have a warmer and poppier sound. Several songs on Almost Summer have a Loaded-era Velvet Underground sound to them. Most of the songs on Almost Summer could be classified as countrified mid-tempo rockers, but they also toss in a couple of droning numbers reminiscent of groups like Galaxy 500 or Yo La Tengo. The songs are built around guitar-bass-drums-vocals, but it is the additions of air organ, piano, and strings that help push King Me above others of their ilk. Songs like "Sundaze" that might otherwise trail off into mediocrity are pushed over the top by a string section that really underscores the sadness in the song. The strings on "Can I Trust You?" add a very dramatic flair that helps make the second half of the song mesmerizing in its power.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Radiohead, Nick Cave, Velvet Underground, Sparklehorse, Tindersticks, Will Oldham.


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