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Make Good Your Escape - Never Look Back Again

Make Good Your Escape - Never Look Back Again

Model: CD
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LABEL: Fierce Panda

01. Waiting
02. After All This time
03. Forget
04. Real
05. No Destruction
06. No Return
07. Cut The Ropes
08. Out Of My Skin

Make Good Your Escape erupted out of Southern Englandshire a couple of years ago and make a noise akin to a very melodic storm in a very large washing machine.Rather happily this resulted in the release of a splendid collection of tunes called 'Never Look Back Here Again' which rock sound magazine nailed as "Beautifully understated blasts of art-rock noise," while Kerrang! put down their axes to proclaim the record as "a debut album to make most other bands jealous." And they weren't incorrect. Their new standout single, 'Real', finds the band taking their foot off the berserk pedal and shimmering for several reflective moments before cunningly building towards some kind of euphoric musical release. All the while the band's live shows have been jaw-droppingly energetic affairs with tunes parachuting down somewhere between the skyscraping ambition of U2, the tenderloin angst of Radiohead and the cloud-chasing ambition of Muse. ‘Never Look Back Here Again’ is their first fullish length collection of tunes following the thoroughly acclaimed singles ‘No Return’ and ‘Beautiful Ruin’. The album becomes truly magical, when shards of layered guitars build beautifully or explode into pyrotechnics...

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