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Marty Willson-Piper - Hanging Out In Heaven

Marty Willson-Piper - Hanging Out In Heaven
Model: CD
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LABEL: Heyday Records

01. Forget The Radio
02. Swan
03. Wonderling
04. Sanctualy
05. Waves Towards The Moon
06. Goodbye
07. I Don't Think So
08. Watching Us
09. You Bring Your Love To Me
10. After Eight
11. All Those Wires
12. 1929 Vintage Wine
13. Wreck (A Sea Shanty)
14. What Is Her Name
15. All That Remains

For those who think of Marty Willson-Piper as the principle architect of the Church's self-consciously Byrds-like jangle pop, or as the wispy-bordering-on-insufferable solo artist who spun yards of shimmering gauze with an acoustic 12-string and a metronome on several solo albums, his latest effort (actually the culmination of five years of on-and-off studio work) may be a bit startling. The cascading 12-string arpeggios are still there, but now they tend to be couched in dense, psychedelic textures. The melodies are still present too, but they sometimes fight to be heard through the din. It's not a bad din, though: on "Wreck (A Sea Shanty)" Willson-Piper manages to build a recognizably nautical theme out of roaring, echo-drenched guitars and layered feedback; "Watching Us" is just as thickly textured and drips as much reverb as "Wreck," but it sounds more strummed and crystalline. Then on "What Is Her Name" and "Forget the Radio" he's like the Willson-Piper we've always known and shaken our heads at with tired affection â?? mystically romantic, a little bit fey, and impossibly tuneful. Highly recommended.


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