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New Order - 511 Finsbury Park [DVD]

New Order - 511 Finsbury Park [DVD]
Model: DVD
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DVD: 0927493662
REGION: 2/3/4/5/6
LABEL: Warner

01. Crystal
02. Transmission
03. Regret
04. Ceremony
05. 60 Miles an Hour
06. Atmosphere
07. Brutal
08. Close Range
09. She's Lost Control
10. Bizarre Love Triangle
11. True Faith
12. Temptation
13. Love Will Tear Us Apart
14. Digital
15. Blue Monday
16. Your Silent Face

Warner Music Vision marks more than two decades of New Order with a stunning live performance DVD and VHS release - NewOrder 511 on 9th December. Continuously at the cutting edge in music video evolution, New Order is a different breed when performing live. Bernard Sumner's abstract lyrics, Peter Hook's soaring bass-as-lead-guitar and mournful catchy tunes mesmerised audiences on their first UK tour in eight years. NewOrder 511 is an open air spectacular and features 16 tracks, 5 Joy Division tracks and 11 from New Order's impressive repertoire, hence the title NewOrder 511. This live concert includes New Order in all their guises from the anthemic True Faith to the slick dance beats of Regret from the Republic album to the superb guitar rock-pop of Crystal from their most recent Top 10 album Get Ready. Also included is a performance of the track Brutal from the smash hit film The Beach. New Order have changed the face of pop music, crafting emotional music on machines, conjuring romance with flint-eyed lyrics, soul with a diamond centre, brilliance that sells millions. They make electronica for rock fans, future-disco for post-punks, heart music for head people, art for drunks. They unite loved-up acidheads, dressed-down musos, handbaggers, housewives, spotty students and football hooligans. They prove that cleverness and bloody-mindedness and beauty and wit can beat rock at its own clod-hopping game. No photos. No encores. No compromise. Just exhilarating, life-changing, lose-your-mind-find-your-feelings noise.

Presented on DVD in stunning crystal clear picture and a choice of audio settings including Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS, the disc offers further insights into the world of New Order with exclusive backstage footage and a documentary.


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