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Not Drowning, Waving - Maps For Sonic Adventurers

Not Drowning, Waving - Maps For Sonic Adventurers

Model: CD
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CD: BLUE118.2

01. Kiap Song
02. Blackwater
03. Home On My Own (Dr. Arschlosch Remix)
04. Palau (Ghosts in the Machine Version)
05. Thomastown (R&D Labs Remix)
06. Big Willow Tree
07. Big Sky
08. Mr Suharto Man
09. Hibakusha (Sirens Mix)
10. The Same Heat
11. Ascending (Pnau's Rage Against the Dying Light Mix)
12. Fishing Trawler (Hear the Fish Remix)
13. Maroon Rust (Up North Mix)
14. Cold And The Crackle
15. Storm
16. Little Storm (Hesius Dome Remix)
17. Sing Sing

Back in the 1980s, when pub rock ruled Australia, Not Drowning, Waving emerged as a stark and evocative antipode. Their music spoke the language of the land, drifting from ambient pop to strident rock, stark instrumentals and, on occasion, a mélange of sounds from near neighbours like Papua New Guinea. NDW were a ground-breaking act, and now their music is enjoying a new lease of life, with the re-release of their albums and a new remix compilation, Maps For Sonic Adventurers. The remix album provided a few challenges, none more so than the state of the original taped recordings, which had deteriorated over time. David Bridie and fellow NDW linchpin John Phillips called on friends and acquaintances to remix tracks, including the likes of Josh Abrahams, David Thrussell, Pnau's Nick Littlemore, and producer Ian Caple, who worked on Bridie's Act of Free Choice solo album. Bridie admits some of today's technology would have been handy back in the 80s, but points out that John Phillips was a leader of early Australian sampling and looping. After performing select live dates last year, NDW have re-released Cold & The Crackle and Tabaran, with more remastered albums (featuring bonus material) to come.

Influences / Similar Artists:
David Bridie, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Talk Talk


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