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Very fast delivery! Verry serious seller, hope to deal with again! 
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Poor Rich Ones - Joe Maynard's Favourites

Poor Rich Ones - Joe Maynard's Favourites

Model: CD
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CD: RID044

01. Milwaukee
02. Old Age and Failures
03. Strong
04. Happy Happy Happy
05. Drop
06. Fear of Losing
07. Kindly Country
08. High Flyer
09. It Follows You
10. Twins
11. Drown
12. Hunting High and Low
13. Mummy

Joe Maynard's Favourites is a compilation of the best of the Poor Rich Ones' first 3 albums as well as a couple of tracks recorded more recently. The group has a handle on everything that's going on in the music world around them, and has a real knack for translating it into an instantly accessible, uplifting, engaging, and hummable brand of rock and roll. The way that U2 seemed able to at one time. "Clean and New", for instance, would be a fairly standard, if well-put-together ballad, but the band has stuck all kinds of interesting electronics through its melody, burbling up in the background. They can pull off Beatlesque pop as well ("Mummy"), not to mention stripped-down, edgier rock ("Strong"), acoustic strum-'n'-hums ("Drop"), and pretty much anything in-between. Imagine if Radiohead had done an album to pass the time between The Bends and OK Computer, and at least you'll have an idea of what they sound like. New song "Old Age and Failure" is brilliant, and all the obvious faves are there as well: "Strong," "Happy Happy Happy," "Drown," "Fear Of Losing," and on and on. It is glorious pop and huge arrangements, it is hushed silence and massive noise. William still sings like a desperate choirboy, and the guitars propels ever forward, building and breaking, gliding and shaking. If you are familiar with the songs, they'll make you smile and cry all over again. If you don't, this one is for you.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Puressence, Simmer, Sippe Sibbele, A.C. Acoustics, The Frames


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