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Porcupine Tree - Coma Divine [2003 reissue]

Porcupine Tree - Coma Divine [2003 reissue]
Model: 2-CD
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LABEL: Delerium
LENGTH: 53:07 min. / 47:44 min.

01. Bornlivedieintro
02. Signify
03. Waiting Phase One
04. Waiting Phase Two
05. The Sky Moves Sideways
06. Dislocated Day
07. The Sleep of No Dreaming
08. Moonloop

01. Up the Downstair *
02. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder *
03. Always Never *
04. Is...Not *
05. Radioactive Toy
06. Not Beautiful Anymore

Expanded remastered reissue of the fantastic live album recorded over three killer nights in Rome in March of '97. Now reissued as a double CD with improved sound quality, a revamped full colour booklet and four extra tracks from the Rome shows; "Up The Downstair"," The Moon Touches Your Shoulder", "Always Never" & "Is Not". Most tracks are selections from the their two albums, "The Sky Moves Sideways" and "Signify", and one song each from "On the Sunday of Life" and "Up the Downstair". All delivered to an enthousiastic Italian audience. Some tracks like "Moonloop" and "Not Beautiful Anymore" only referred to their studio counterparts in passing and were used more as a platform for extended improvisation. Never again would a Porcupine Tree live album by likely to differ so much from the studio versions for the simple reason that many of the tracks were written and arranged for a solo performer long before there was a band to play them. There's also an extended version of Signify, in which they take the tune further to the left and flip it around. The band performs with a controlled enthousiasm throughout the album, occasionally going berserk before laying back again. This is one of the best sounding live albums ever heard, an absolutely essential release!


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