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Porcupine Tree - Signify [1996]

Porcupine Tree - Signify [1996]

Model: CD
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LABEL: Delerium

01. Bornlivedieintro
02. Signify
03. Sleep of No Dreaming
04. Pagan
05. Waiting Phase One
06. Waiting Phase Two
07. Sever
08. Idiot Prayer
09. Every Home Is Wired
10. Intermediate Jesus
11. Light Mass Prayers
12. Dark Matter

Porcupine Tree are currently established within the current psychedelic music scene and although they could rest upon their laurels, they follow the impulse of their never-resting creativity. They have produced a masterpiece, "Signify", with influences ranging from traditional Psychedelia and Jazz-Rock to the more tribal and dancing sounds of trance and ambient. Porcupine Tree lead you through the mythical world on analogue keyboards, performed by ex-Japan Richard Barbieri and then they hoist sail to the empire of electronics and samples, in order to form a sound which leads you straight into the spiral core only to raise you again with its dancing and tribal mood. And still the whole remains mainly guitar-oriented, with melodies and bottlenecks coming with the familiar touch of Pink Floyd and then dissolving into acoustic landscapes of rare mellowness. Drums and bass build a tight yet tripping basis, on which Steve Wilson unfolds his marvellous vocals, while the fretless basslines and the jazzy drums on "Intermediate Jesus" blend perfectly with the obscure guitar sounds and the improvised piano chords. With their current album, Porcupine Tree definitely mystify the music scene, offering a mature and rather experimental album which can be characterized only as "classic"!


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