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Saxon Shore - Four Months Of Darkness

Saxon Shore - Four Months Of Darkness

Model: CD
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CD: BTV057
LABEL: Burnt Toast

01. Four Months Of Darkness
02. Amber, Ember, Glow
03. Our Mountain Pass, A Winding Trench
04. Secret Fire, Binding Light
05. Side By Side In This Gentle Descent

Saxon Shore's album, Four Months of Darkness, is a morose instrumental masterpiece. What makes this album work is the absolute control Saxon Shore wield over every element on every song. Wisps of distortion mingle with delicate piano patterns and faint acoustic guitars on "Side By Side In This Gentle Descent" creating a quiet but forceful sound. As guitars burst back through the gray din of feedback-altered-organ on "Four Months of Darkness" it becomes clear that Saxon Shore isn't looking for a mere reaction to their music but also a reaction to somber emotions kept within each listener. The shortest and most upbeat track, "Amber, Ember, Glow" still manages to get happy enough to feel like re-reading old diary entries about an ex-girlfriend. In addition to being a fantastic song, "Amber, Ember, Glow" provides just enough deviation to give the album a solid arc without abandoning the overall mood. It takes guts to write an eight-and-a-half-minute instrumental track, but Saxon Shore does so on "Our Mountain Pass, A Winding Trench" and it works. In fact, everything works on this album. Anyone who wants to experience master control over songwriting and recording, as well as embark on a powerful emotional experience, Four Months of Darkness should not be missed.

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