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Stockholm Monsters - All At Once (Singles 1981-1987)

Stockholm Monsters - All At Once (Singles 1981-1987)

Merk: LTM
Model: CD
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Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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CD: LTMCD 2337

01. Fairy Tales
02. Death Is Slowly Coming
03. Happy Ever After
04. Soft Babies
05. Miss Moonlight (1984 Mix)
06. The Longing
07. Lafayette
08. All At Once
09. National Pastime
10. How Corrupt Is Rough Trade (12 Inch)
11. Kan Kill (12 Inch)
12. Partyline (12 Inch)
13. Militia (Maso version)
14. Dumbstruck (demo)
15. Partyline (Maso version)
16. Miss Moonlight
17. Shake It To The Bank (demo)

Compact remastered collection of all the Stockholm Monsters' single sides for Factory, Factory Benelux and MASO. Full sleevenotes, and adaptation of Trevor Johnson artwork for Fac 107 single sleeve. All At Once benefits no end from the trumpet blasts and shows the Monsters had happily mastered the pop hook despite the misplaced 'dour' Factory tag. "How Corrupt Is Rough Trade?" is quite phenomenal, while the ep from 1987 features some of their best material, tunes like "Militia" and the excellent "Partyline" brim with danceability and attitude. The Stockholm Monsters made some amazing singles - a noise every bit as unhinged yet controlled as the Happy Mondays, held together by the sinewy muscles of the dispossessed. Sometimes clumsy in their rush to a song's end, Stockholm Monsters at the very minimum had developed the speed to avoid the world's weight crushing them. The fairytale keyboards are offset by the severe vocal delivery, the excellent surging drums and the spasmodic trumpet blasts and there is an honesty reflected in the lyrics that is endearing and illuminating. The Stockholm Monsters were dismissed at the time as the runt of the Factory litter. This singles collection isn't bad at all though, revealing the band to a much more promising act than earlier documentation would claim. Any music lover who wants to experience the magic and depth of Factory Records in the 1980s would do well to add All At Once to their collection.


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