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The Convent - Counting The Stars

The Convent - Counting The Stars

Merk: Red Sun Records
Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 8,95 (EUR)
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CD: LR9208-B
LABEL: Red Sun Records

01. First Impressions Of The West
02. Counting The Stars
03. Homecoming
04. The Perfect Smile
05. Deadlock Days
06. Indifference Is Rising
07. One Million Nightmares
08. Amsterdam
09. Sandcastles On Oil (Live)
10. Winterland (Live)
11. Fellow Traveller (Live)

The Convent came together in late 1985 and throughout the band's evolution a lot of members have come and gone, and all of them have been at one time or another, vital to the band's development. That they were able to continue to grow for over ten years and generate genuine affection amongst lovers of guitar music in Germany, is a testament to passion and the power of it, the root of all fine art. They began with an occasional independent single, which in turn led to the band's first cd "Counting The Stars", self financed and distributed for the most part at the numerous concerts the band played across Germany and Holland (the lead-singer's homeland). This album is The Convent's original debut album, released in 1993 and produced by Mark Burgess, and probably The Convent's most wavy work. A lot of these studio- and live-tracks are still concert classics. Songs like First Impressions Of The West or Amsterdam are already part of the German independent music history.


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