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The Gathering - Superheat [Live]

The Gathering - Superheat [Live]

Model: CD
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CD: 77278-2
LABEL: Century Media
LENGTH: 65:29 min.

01. The Big Sleep
02. On Most Surfaces
03. Prabably Built In The Fifties
04. Liberty Bell
05. Marooned
06. Rescue Me
07. Strange Machine
08. Nighttime Birds
09. My Electricity
10. Sand And Mercury

11. Eléanor (videotrack)

Recorded live on two dates, one in Tilburg, the other in Amsterdam, most of the songs are recent ones, like â??The Big Sleep', â??Probably Built In The Fifties' or â??Liberty Bell', but there are still some older tracks like â??Nighttime Birds'. The Big Sleep" may seem like an odd choice to kick off the album, seeing as how it is one of the mellower cuts from How To Measure a Planet?, but it works beautifully here. Anneke's vocals are in top form, sounding even smoother and more dynamic here than on the studio records. The keyboard work by Frank Boeijen comes through even more impressively, too. From here, the band heads into slightly heavier territory with "On Most Surfaces," followed by a more rocking version of the tune "Probably Built in the Fifties." The single from the last album, "Liberty Bell," from whence the title Superheat was taken, is up next and delivered flawlessly. The album heads back into dreamland with "Marooned," a very ethereal track that features some really nice vibes and strings during the last half. Following it is the equally downbeat "Rescue Me," where Anneke really gets to show off her range and vocal control. When the guitar really kicks in on this one, it sounds a lot heavier than the album version (this is generally true of all the tracks on Superheat from the last album). To finish off the album, we get an eleven-plus minute version of "Sand & Mercury," a track that skillfully integrates piano, synth and heavy guitar and has no doubt been an inspiration for many goth/metal acts over the years. The song veers off into an extended, spacey jam at about the 5-minute mark, but it all comes back together for the finale. As if that wasn't enough, there is a great live video for the track "Eléanor" added as a CD-ROM bonus track. With Superheat, The Gathering really establish themselves as one of the most important and artistically successful independent bands.


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