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The Gun Club - Early Warning

The Gun Club - Early Warning
Model: 2-CD
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2-CD: SFTR1478
LABEL: Sympathy

Disc: 1
01. Goodbye Johnny
02. Preaching the Blues
03. Watermelon Man
04. Devil in the Woods
05. Fire of Love
06. Ghost on the Highway [Live]
07. Walkin' With the Beast [Live]
08. I Hear Your Heart Singing [Live]
09. Devil in the Woods [Live]
10. Goodbye Johnny [Live]
11. For the Love of Ivy [Live]
12. Bad Indian [Live]
13. Strange Fruit [Live]
14. Fire Spirit [Live]
15. Carry Home [Live]
16. Preaching the Blues
17. Sex Beat [Live]
18. Jack on Fire [Live]
Disc: 2
01. Promise Me
02. Treat Your Train Right
03. Cool Drink of Water Blues
04. Devil in the Woods
05. Goodbye Johnny
06. Gonna Find My Baby
07. Desire by Blue River
08. Devil and The Nigger
09. American Promise
10. I'm on This Rocket
11. Your Man's Feelin' Low
12. John Henry
13. Black Jack Davey
14. Waiting
15. Hey Baby
16. Hey Madame - Ward Dotson

A double-CD set including the band's first recording session, a 13-song live show recorded in Buffalo, NY in '82 and Jeffrey Lee alone with a guitar and a tape recorder (15 previously unreleased songs). Comes complete with an extensive color booklet and liner notes. In the early 80's Pierce's bastardised blues painted pictures of the seedy underbelly of southern California, from the urban squalor to the desert indians. The first disc of live stuff with the full band is some of the best recordings of the group ever heard. They are notoriously uncapturable due to their tempestuous nature, and the tens of thousands of dollars they collectively burned on narcotics. Pierce died recently, and this disc is a decent accounting of a band that had the Cramps, Black Flag, and X open for them at one time or another.


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