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The Silent Party - I Guess You Wouldn't Feel Shocked

The Silent Party - I Guess You Wouldn't Feel Shocked

Model: CD
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CD: PFR018
LABEL: Plastic Frog

01. An Instant of Difference
02. Unsettled Understanding
03. Illusion
04. Many Ways
05. 7 Minutes
06. At the Desert of Soul
07. I Call You
08. Generation
09. Don't
10. This Time
11. Dusk
12. She's So Strange

Post-Punk with indie proclivities, The Silent Party have been active in Brazil for nearly three years now and seem a force to be reckoned with. People with a fondness for 80's quality when remorseful Post- Punk and resourceful Indie could sit happily inside the same creative skin. There is instant attraction in the casual elegance of the guitar and piano in "An Instant Of Difference" with the hesitant singing and simpering synth adding to a stylish melancholia, and similarities to The Sound emerge in "Unsettled Understanding", the bass as rumbley as Joy Division, but the grazed vocal and roving guitar make it a modern emotional melting pot. "Illusion" is an exercise in repetitive simplicity which succeeds, somehow shabbily seductive with its recurring bass tickle and syrupy synth. The warmly capering acoustic and pasty electric guitars in "Many Ways" accompany the undemonstrative, melodic vocals, as it drifts like a balmy sub-Cure serenade. "7 Minutes" seeps beautifully with a funereal pace, deep trailing vocals and light synth and guitar gathered around its feet. "At The Desert Of The Soul" borders on insipid being a little too easy on the ear although the feel is still spry and involving. "I Call You" is a sleek guitar- boosted song with nagging vocals, tough but shimmery, with "Generation" even more impressive as the strings underpin the gloomy vocal, but "Don't" is very Joy Div, their own "Transmission" in fact! "This Time" shows how well they achieve their mood, as it's so delicately dawdling it could just grind to a halt but the piano and shuffling drums shadow the thin vocals and a restful glow emerges. "Dusk" is ghostlier, gently maudlin, a stirring example of the supple strengths their composition are blessed with, then "She's So Strange" introduces a newer, dancier feel with skipping drums, lovely unwinding guitar and some highly unnecessary syndrum! It's unlike the other tracks, with a decent drop down and weird fade at the end but it just doesn"t fit and unbalances what is otherwise a truly inspiring record.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Joy Division, This Drowning Man, The Cure, Catherine Wheel


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