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Trashmonk - Mona Lisa Overdrive

Trashmonk - Mona Lisa Overdrive

Model: CD
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LABEL: Creation

01. Girl I Used 2 Know
02. Polygamy
03. Sapphire
04. High Times
05. Amaryllis
06. All Change
07. Inner Brownstone Symphony
08. N.W.O
09. It Won't Be Long
10. Dying Day
11. On The Way Home
12. Furhat
13. Mr. Karma

'Mona Lisa Overdrive' is the work of Nick Laird-Clowes who is most famous for The Dream Academy ('Life in a Northern Town'). This album is an incredible work of art, not just music. Nick Laird Clowes's (ex-Dream Acadamy)voice is haunting, his ear for melody is sublime, his knack for instilling drama into a song is unmatched. With noises and sounds and recordings taken from his life and travels adding weird but often moving 'colour' into this work, the album as a whole is so full of experience and emotion it is bursting. It takes about 4 listens-through before it has you utterly in its grasp. It's theatre, it's poetry, it's beautiful. Weirdly brilliant and brilliantly weird. If you like blissed out night-time music in the mode of Blue Nile, Talk Talk, David Sylvian, Phillip Glass, Spacemen 3- this is an album for you. A future classic from a forgotten past.


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