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Wovenhand - Wovenhand

Wovenhand - Wovenhand

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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LABEL: Glitterhouse

01. The Good Hand
02. My Russia
03. Blue Pail Fever
04. Glass Eye
05. Wooden Brother
06. Ain't No Sunshine
07. Story and Pictures
08. Arrowhead
09. Your Russia
10. Last Fist

Woven Hand can instantly be recognized as the solo project of 16 Horsepower's front-man David Eugene Edwards. Supporting him in the background are Daniel Smith and the Danielson family. Yet David Eugene remains the defining horsepower, even when the overall impression is conveyed with amplified acoustic instrumentation and archaic folklore sounds. Particularly interesting is the expressive use of the banjo, which is miles away from classic country music. Instead Woven Hand uses the instrument to generate speed. In this way, "Glass Eye" becomes a runaway train: "Quick to anger and quick to speak - afraid to lose these things not mine to keep - the spirit is willing the flesh is weak." Edwards is like that old testament figure of fury whose grief and rage at his own mistakes threaten to lead to destruction. Negative emotions seem to be giving Woven Hand so much power that its creativity appears to be exploding. This is a very unified compact album, it is pop music in the very best sense of the term - pop music at its best!

Influences / Similar Artists:
16 Horsepower, The Gun Club, Nick Cave, Shiva Burlesque


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